urlilshithead asked:

For your next album do you think you'll do a disc of you just singing and then a disc of rap and a little bit of sining? Do you think you'll put out a vinyl of dirty gold any time soon?



nah. im completely done with rap. the new record is all vox.

idk about the vinyl, that’d be cool. 

noooooo i love your rapping tho


Harper’s Bazaar 2014

Gaga at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party at NYFW. 9.5.14 HQ

@ladygaga We didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures I was very busy, but we had a marvelous time tonight at the Harper’s party and I immensely enjoyed singing jazz for the crowd. Night night Monsters.

Harper’s Baazar September cover star, Lady Gaga arriving at the Baazar Icons event held at The Plaza Hotel in New York City tonight. (09.05.14)

Awww they’re so cute

LadyGaga: Here’s a photo of me during the performance, in my own little world singing songs that have reverberated off the wall of The Plaza for decades.




Do not blame Jennifer Lawrence or shame her for those pictures. It was an invasion of her privacy. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and we should all be giving her our support right now, because she sure as hell needs it. I can only imagine how betrayed and embarrassed she must feel right now, so for god’s sake don’t contribute to that by spreading those photos or by talking shit about her. If you want to talk shit about someone, do it about the asshole that leaked the photos.

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